Advertise Module

This page will help you to easily setup the advertise module.

What is this module?

This module will help you advertise your clan to multiple servers in discord by just a command. This module will help you to reach the people and recruits who play clash of clans! Your clan details and server link will be advertised to 100,000+ Players!

How to Setup?

You can setup the module by typing,
/setup advertise

Clan Tag

You'll have to enter your Clan Tag to continue. You can find your clan tag in the clan details in Clash of Clans. Press server_link button after you enter it.
The field will require you to enter the server link for your server. Make sure the link is Never expiring and No limits for users to join.
You can also include a fancy showcase message of your clan details in the welcome channel to let the new users know about your clan and its glory! Check out the link below for it!

Clan Description

The bot will then ask your clan description. You can either type out the whole description you need for your clan or you can also type cd as the reply when you need the in-game clan description to be your clan description in Discord.
Your description can have only 500 characters

Clan Requirements

The bot will then ask for the requirements to join your clan! This could have the requirements of your clan where you can have different requirements for different town halls!
Your requirements can have only 500 characters

Clan Banner

This is usually your clan poster or a banner which perfectly displays about your clan in a picture! If you don't have a clan banner, please type cd to have your clan badge in your game as your clan banner!
  1. 1.
    You can attach the banner in the message when you reply to use that image as the banner
  2. 2.
    Or, you can also reply with a link of your banner or poster to keep that.
When using a link as the reply please keep in mind that your web link should be the direct link to your image. This link can't be a link to a Google Drive (or any other cloud drive) or Google Photos.
Don't have a good clan banner? Check out the link below to let Clash Recruiter make a customized clan banner just for your clan! Requires no graphical or technical knowledge to make one!
Pro Tip: You can upload GIFs as banners by becoming a Patron for us!

Your Server is Setup fully!

Yeah! The bot should send you the response with all your responses in it!

How to view my configurations?

You can view your configurations for the module by typing,
/config advertise

How can I edit the configuration?

You can use the following command to edit any specific data without having to do the setup again!
/edit advertise