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Alliance Module

This page will help you to easily setup the alliance module.

What is this module?

This module is similar to Advertise module. In this module one could bump their alliance to multiple servers.

How to Setup?

To setup the module, you will need to type,
/setup alliance
The field will require you to enter the server link for your server. Make sure the link is Never expiring and No limits for users to join.
You can also include a fancy showcase message of your clans' details in the welcome channel to let the new users know about your clans and their glory! Check out the link below for it!

Clans in your Alliance

After you enter the setup command, the bot will ask you for the clans in your alliance. You can mention all the clan tags separated by a Space ( ). You can't have too many clans

Description of your Alliance

You can type out your alliance's description in the reply.
The description shouldn't exceed 500 characters.

Requirements to Join

The bot will then ask you for the requirements of your alliance.
The requirements shouldn't exceed 500 characters.

Alliance Banner

You should attach your alliance banner/poster as a message attachment in the reply or you can also send the image link as the reply.
You can't skip this step
Pro Tip: You can upload GIFs as banners by becoming a Patron for us!

Done! Your server is fully setup for the alliance module!

Yeah! The bot should send you the response with all your responses in it!

How to view my configurations?

You can view your configurations for the module by typing,
/config alliance

How can I edit the configuration?

You can use the following command to edit any of the above data instead of going through this process again!
/edit alliance