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Banner Module

This page will help you to easily setup the banner module.

What is this module?

This module will help clans to easily create their own clan poster/banner for free without even knowing any Graphics Designing! We have 3 templates to help you make banners. Your will be ready in minutes with only commands!

How to Setup?

To setup the module, you will need to type,
/setup banner

Clan Tag

You'll have to enter your Clan Tag to continue. You can find your clan tag in the clan details in Clash of Clans. Press server_link button after you enter it.
The field will require you to enter the server link for your server. Make sure the link is Never expiring and No limits for users to join.
After you enter the setup command, the bot will ask you for the clan logo of your clan. If you don't have a custom made logo for your clan, you can reply with n
  1. 1.
    You can attach the logo in the message when you reply to use that image as the logo.
  2. 2.
    Or, you can also reply with a link of your logo to keep that.

Requirement to Join your Clan

The bot will then ask you for the requirements to join your clan. You can add a total of 4 Replies having the requirements for each Town Hall.
Correct Method to Reply:
TownHallLevel - Barbarian King Level/Archer Queen Level/Grandwarden Level/Royal Champion Level
Th13 - 10/10/10/10 Th12 - 10/10/10 Th11 - 10/10/10 Th10 - 10/10
Please do not include any other details during this reply! You should reply 4 times in separate messages for each Town Hall Level.
Once done, your server will be fully setup for the banner module!

How to get my Clan Banner?

You have to type the below command,
The bot will then send you 3 types of templates for your clan and you will have to select the appropriate one you need by replying with the corresponding number of the template
The 3 choices can be selecte1,y clicking 1 , 2 or 3
The bot will process your banner and send you the banner of your clan in just 10 seconds! You can use that banner for your clan purposes! You can repeat /banner again with another number to get your clan banner in other templates!
This is completely free!