How to Bump Your Clan/Alliance?

Bumping Your Clan / Alliance

You must finish setting up the server before running this command.
Type the command below to bump your clan / alliance,

Select your module

You can select Alliance to bump your clan or Clan to bump your clan.

Cooldowns before your next bump!

You will get a reply from the bot notifying you that the bump was successful. You can re-bump in 24 hours.
  1. 1.
    You'll need to have a feed channel in your server to have a cool down of 12 hours
  2. 2.
    Until then, the cool down period is 24 hours.

Want Automated Bumps?

You can setup Automated Bumps every 12 hours and bump your alliance / clan easily without any hassle! Check out our Patreon Page!

Where will the bot advertise my clan/alliance?

You can view the servers where the bot will advertise your clan/alliance details by typing,
/feed list
This command will give you the list of servers by categorizing them according to the member count of the servers!

Go ahead to the next page to know how to have a feed channel.